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Monday, June 22, 2009

Among the Problems of Urban Sprawl, Water Shortage,...

...and lame rappers saturating the area, the real question one should ask is,
"Is Atlanta Safe?"

Mr. Wooten doesn't state any statistics for the Atlanta area, but does claim of a recent rise in crime. The user comments are critical of the police, the politicians, and the people.

comment entry quotables:

"Atlantic Station is ghetto as can be too."

ATL is the “black Meccah,” the “hip-hop capital of the world.”

What do you expect?

In other words, I’m supposed to play dumb any time situations that involve racism occur and believe that it is all coincidental. As an African-American male, all of us are not stupid, ignorant and thugs. The media just likes to portray us that way. "

" Face it, you have a computer and can spell. Obviously your not the type of YBM im talking about. Unfortunately, alot more want to be like 50 cent than wanna be like Obama."

Is Atlanta safe?

[ EXPLETIVE ] NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

If you have experienced Atlanta, what do you think of this entry?

BTW: Do We Really Have Our Own Acronym? YBMs (Young Black Males)? Sweet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where Are They Now?

After selling 80 million world wide, 2 AMA awards, elaborate worldwide concerts, what's the next stop for New Kids on the Block's reunion tour?
Waffle House .

I'm jealous. You see the cuties that be in there!?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Bret Michael's entry.

1. He's at the Tony Awards, which I'm sure is hindering his career as a reality TV whore.
2. He got laid out.
3. He just performed with this "Poison" band, which is slowing down his attempt to break Wilt's record.
4. He got laid out, on TV.
5. He got laid out, on TV, and now it's on YouTube.

Poor Rev. Wright

Again, he's caught on the wrong side of things. Berating jews one day before a Holocaust museum is terrorized? Unfortunate for his reputation.

Asking God to damn America? Who hasn't? But with cameras around and the clip making it's way to YouTube? He just has the worst luck.

Poor chap.

BTW, I wish I had my own TV show, so I wouldn't have to apologize for things I say, just make more jokes about the situation.

Or maybe just a radio host so I can be a jerk on TV.

Politics is lame. I need to find some silly stuff on YouTube.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back to Reality

1. Swine flu is fa realz! 547 in Arizona? Crazy. 2 just died in NYC. And worst of all, the NY Mets might be infected!

2. Sotomayor's comments don't strike me as particularly inflammatory either, Newt. But then again, I'm a racist as well.

3. My house doesn't have any cereal or fresh milk?!

Take me back to Cape Town. I didn't finish partying at Marvel.