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Monday, June 22, 2009

Among the Problems of Urban Sprawl, Water Shortage,...

...and lame rappers saturating the area, the real question one should ask is,
"Is Atlanta Safe?"

Mr. Wooten doesn't state any statistics for the Atlanta area, but does claim of a recent rise in crime. The user comments are critical of the police, the politicians, and the people.

comment entry quotables:

"Atlantic Station is ghetto as can be too."

ATL is the “black Meccah,” the “hip-hop capital of the world.”

What do you expect?

In other words, I’m supposed to play dumb any time situations that involve racism occur and believe that it is all coincidental. As an African-American male, all of us are not stupid, ignorant and thugs. The media just likes to portray us that way. "

" Face it, you have a computer and can spell. Obviously your not the type of YBM im talking about. Unfortunately, alot more want to be like 50 cent than wanna be like Obama."

Is Atlanta safe?

[ EXPLETIVE ] NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

If you have experienced Atlanta, what do you think of this entry?

BTW: Do We Really Have Our Own Acronym? YBMs (Young Black Males)? Sweet.


  1. ATL is the “black Meccah,” the “hip-hop capital of the world.”
    I've never been 2 ATL but when i think hiphop meccah i think NYC, (Harlem/Bronx)...Never really felt ATL the Philly hiphop sound tho...

    But i agree that lame hiphop is dangerous to the community!