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Friday, July 17, 2009


I even commented on it on YouTube:

"Nah. This is offensive because it's exemplifying stereotypes. No other race would be able to make this video and most people accept it as a joke. Blacks have been marginalized to these same stereotypes throughout history. Now we can excel past them, and some of us choose to validate their incompetence? It's embarrassing.

Plus it's not even funny."

Funny comment:
"funny how people say black people likes chicken and we get offended, but its the truth.we like chicken,watermelon,kool-aid,an d i dont konw about grape soda.Anyone from anything in history to get offended over someone telling them the like chicken is soft.Just like Mexicans get offended when you call them Mexican."

"I don't understand why people are making a big deal out of this if I being white made a white olympics video of bad dancing or how far I can't jump everybody would laugh everybody with half a brain knows this is a sterotype if you can't make fun of your own race who can you make fun of."

And more like the last one comparing this to a hypothetical video about the White Olympics. The difference is those white stereotypes never helped to oppress a race for a century.

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